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A beloved tradition for all Malaysians, the yee sang tossing ceremony is not to be missed during the Chinese New Year season. According to tradition, tossing yee sang welcomes good luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious and the higher you toss, the more good fortune is in store! 

This Chinese New Year, Tony Roma's offers you and your loved ones a chance to toss yee sang at the restaurant with its very own Ong Lai Salad which is part of the Fortune Feast menu. Available from now until 28 February 2019, guests can choose between the Prosperity Salad with Grilled Salmon (RM 58.88) or the Wealthy Salad with Baby Octopus (RM 48.88) for their yee sang toss. 

Each salad comes with fresh salad mix, juicy pineapple, carrot, crisp cucumber, citrusy fresh pomelo, crispy fried wonton skin, chunky roasted walnut and the meat of your choice served with flavorful sweet onions vinaigrette.

Besides that, the Fortune Feast menu also offers several festive dishes including the Reunion Meal (RM 138.88) which consists of a full slab of flame-grilled Lamb Ribs with half BBQ chicken and half signature Kickin' Shrimp served with four side dishes as well as the Buddy Meal (RM 98.88) which consists of two well-seasoned, grilled lamb shoulder with half a BBQ chicken served and four side dishes. 

For burger fans, you are in for a treat as this year's festive menu offers three special options- the Beef Burst Burger, Steakhouse Burger and the Wild Mushroom Burger. The Beef Burst Burger is made up of juicy pulled beef brisket served on a bed of crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, red onion and Texas spicy sauce. The Steakhouse Burger consists of a grilled pure beef patty together with demi-glace, creamy Harvati cheese and chicken bacon while the Wild Mushroom Burger comprises a juicy burger topped with buttery Harvati cheese and sautéed wild mushrooms. All three burgers are priced at RM 38.88 each and served with Potato Croquette and Jalapeno Sauce. 

For a limited time only, add on the Potato Croquette to any of your main entrée with just RM 7.88 or RM 8.88 without an entrée.

Finally, sweeten your meal with Tony Roma's in-house, specially crafted beverages. The selection of drinks includes Chocolate Creamsicle, Tropical Smoothies, Shocking Ang Pow, Good Luck Float and Pineapple "ONG" Slurp, all worth RM 19.88 each.

"We're proud to be share a facet of Chinese culture at our restaurant," said Irene Tiong, Brand General Manager of Tony Roma's Malaysia. "Yee sang is such a cherished tradition to us Malaysians and for good reason. Not only is it about sharing wealth and prosperity, but more importantly, tossing yee sang gathers family and friends together once more around the table in celebration of this festive occasion." 

What are you waiting for? With such delicious foods and fantastic deals, make sure you stop by at Tony Roma's this Chinese New Year!

For more information about Tony Roma's, visit www.tonyromas.com.my