November 07, 2020

BaWangChaJi Celebrates Singles’ Day with 11 Lifestyle Brands in Malaysia

Looking for a single reason to celebrate Singles’ Day?
BaWangChaJi has 11 reasons just for you! As one of the earliest regional teahouse chains and the purveyor of Original Tea Leaf, BaWangChaJi today announced its Rethink ‘Single’ Campaign in conjunction with the 11.11 Single Day Celebration to encourage Malaysians on self-love with eleven different surprises.

BaWangChaJi will be celebrating Double 11 with double happiness through its signature 11.11 Tear Cup Surprise and a social media giveaway campaign, namely the Self-Love 101 Giveaway. It does not matter whether you are single or not, all tea lovers and Malaysians are welcome to purchase the Fresh Milk Tea series on 11 November and to enjoy our self-love giveaway from the bottom of every Big Big Cup.

In addition to the Tear Cup Surprise which will be happening at all outlets and online via delivery platforms, tea-lovers will also stand a chance in winning an amazing set of “Self-Love 101 Gifts” by completing the simple act of uploading pictures and sharing about the tear-cup campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Each “Self-Love 101 Gifts” consists of items worth RM2,000 from 11 partnering brands during the period of this campaign.

BaWangChaJi collaborated with 11 lifestyle brands that possess strong influence in lifestyle and self-love such as The Fish Bowl MY, Signature Market, J&T Express, Hermo, Celmonze, Happy Bunch, Alph Studio, AISPORTZ, Hungry, Rev Fitness and Nomu Nutrition. It will be an extraordinary experience for fans as they can expect to tear exclusive gifts such as products, merchandise items and promotional vouchers of various brands with BaWangChaJi.

“In this 11.11 Singles’ Day Campaign, we would like to convey that being single can be exciting and liberating too, let’s put our hands together to enjoy self-love and Rethink ‘Single’. Even though singlehood has become a more acceptable lifestyle than it was in the past, single people today still face social stigma of being viewed as lonely and unhappy. Hence, we are playing a role to emphasise on the importance and power of self-love as well as create uplifting spirits through BaWangChaJi’s Rethink ‘Single’ campaign for all Malaysians,” said Jack Chong, Director of BaWangChaJi Malaysia.

BaWangChaJi is inviting all the tea lovers for a date during Singles’ Day and fans are urged to grab the opportunity of winning the best gifts in town. Also, everyone who visits the stores is required to wear a face mask and follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on health and safety measures to enjoy your favourite tea.

The campaign period will be held only on 11 November 2020 at all BaWangChaJi’s outlets in Malaysia:

● Sri Petaling, KL

● Bukit Jalil City, KL

● Kepong Menjalara, KL

● Sunway Velocity, KL

● Damansara Uptown, PJ

● SS2, PJ

● Kimberly Street, Penang

● Mount Austin, JB

● Toppen Shopping Center, JB

● Kota Syahbandar, Melaka

Malaysians can also participate in the campaign by purchasing the Fresh Milk Tea series online and experience the wonderful beverage delivery from our existing platforms such as GrabFood, Food Panda, Hungry and DeliverEat.

To find out more about BaWangChaJi Malaysia’s events and promotions, do follow the Facebook page as well as Instagram at @bawangchaji_my.

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