The Ultimate Wireless Hi-Fi Sound Experience You’ve Been Looking for — Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Oktober 02, 2022

Take your sound experience to the next level with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro! The latest addition to Samsung’s range of audio devices is designed to let you fully immerse in whatever you are listening to be it music, movies, or gaming.

While wireless audio devices may compromise on sound quality, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is set to change that narrative. Discover why the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will make a difference in how you listen and why it will be an excellent addition to your Samsung ecosystem.

1. The Ultimate Wireless Listening Experience

Enter a new world of sound with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. With its revolutionary 24-bit High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio, your listening experience with these wireless buds will be unlike any other. Every high treble and deep bass will be heard and felt as you immerse yourself in 360 Audio.

By multiplying the amount of Hi-Fi signal, your Galaxy Buds2 Pro will provide 256-times more audio data than its predecessors, bringing a new world of richness and clarity to your ears. We have also maximised your audio quality with our 2-way speaker - the sound experience with a wireless audio device will never be the same again!     

2. Clear Conversations Wherever You Are

Do you get tired of repeating yourself, raising your voice when answering a phone call in a noisy place, or having the person on the other line say, “I can’t hear you”?

Don’t miss out on conversations anymore because the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will offer you crisp and clear call quality even in noisy spaces. Your Galaxy Buds2 Pro will minimise the background noise of the environment you are in so you can be heard.

The enhanced, personalised beamforming technology will enable an AI-learning of your wearing pattern through tracking your voice history to ensure that your voice is crystal clear, even in noisy environments. It will be like you are almost talking in person via your Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

3. Control Sound with Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation

To hear, or not to hear? That is entirely up to you now! With the most powerful Intelligent ANC on Galaxy buds, you now have greater control of adjusting it to fit your unique sound experience. The 40% more powerful ANC and windshield that has doubled in size blocks out the noise you do not want to hear so that you can immerse yourself in your music, shows or games!

But if you must stay connected to your environment, for example, while on your train rides, you can turn off your ANC and let the Ambient Mode take over, as it will allow you to hear your surroundings simultaneously.

Alternatively, you can even have your Galaxy Buds2 Pro adjust your aural experience automatically through the Voice Detect feature, which will lower the audio volume by sensing when you speak – all without removing your earbuds or hitting pause!

4. Surround Yourself with Cinematic Sound

Bring the theatre experience with you everywhere, as the Galaxy Buds2 Pro gives you the ultimate spatial experience! With its improved 360 Audio you will discover that you can feel sound with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. The enhanced head tracking technology allows the 360 Audio to pinpoint sound direction as you move your head so you can enjoy a whole theatre experience even though you are seated in a crowded bus or train!

5. Comfortable Fit So Your Buds Stay Put

It can be disruptive to constantly adjust your buds when moving, especially if you are jogging or commuting. With the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, that problem will be a thing of the past. Your wireless buds are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit!

To find out more about how the Galaxy Buds2 Pro can offer you an extraordinary audio experience unlike any other, please give the attached article a read.

Learn more about the incredible experience that Galaxy Buds2 Pro can bring to you here:

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Galaxy Buds2 Pro RM899
· Bora Purple · Graphite · White
· One complimentary Water Resistant Galaxy Buds Cover (worth RM99)

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