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AIRism 2024 Spring/Summer Collection Arrives in Stores

AIRism 2024 Spring/Summer Collection Arrives in Stores

Feel fresh and comfortable with the new AIRism range, even during variable weather and long, hot summers

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO announces the release of its latest AIRism collection for 2024 Spring/Summer, based on the concept of "comfort that feels like wearing nothing at all”. This latest collection is now available in stores and online. With these innovative offerings, UNIQLO aims to make everyday life more comfortable for all, regardless of the season.

New AIRism items to reduce the sweat and stuffiness, offering relief even during significant swings in temperature as seasons change

The 2024 WOMENS AIRism innerwear lineup introduces the new AIRism UV Protection Crew Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt to protect against ultraviolet rays. Offered in a new material with a smooth texture comprising 7% silk, this shirt can also be used as a layering item from early spring when the weather is still chilly. In addition to UV protection, this T-shirt features a deodorising function to prevent unpleasant odours, such as those from sweat, as well as moisture-wicking properties for enhanced comfort.

The latest addition to the MENS AIRism lineup is the new mesh type AIRism Ultra Seamless Anti-Odor Mesh Boxer Brief. Crafted from breathable material, this boxer brief features a deodorising function that effectively prevents unpleasant sweat odours, while providing a cool-to-the-touch sensation. Ideal for days with fluctuating temperatures that often lead to sweating, these briefs offer three times more breathability than regular AIRism Ultra Seamless Boxer Briefs. With a seamless design, they ensure a comfortable feel against the skin, reducing stuffiness for all-day comfort.

Stay cool and comfortable all summer long with the AIRism T-shirt collection

T-shirts are a summer necessity, often worn when the harsh heat of the season lingers. With AIRism functionality, everyday T-shirts are elevated to new levels of comfort. Among UNIQLO's top picks is the AIRism Cotton Oversized T-shirt,* which combines the classic look of cotton with the smooth comfort of AIRism technology. For women, the collection features the new AIRism Drape T-shirt, boasting a refreshing and stylish design. Choose from over 10 different colours and styles available for both men and women to find your perfect fit and style.

* Top-selling T-shirt at all UNIQLO stores from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023.

About AIRism

UNIQLO AIRism is a leading example of LifeWear, providing the ultimate comfort by helping to regulate the microclimate between clothing and skin. The secret of AIRism comfort is its ultrathin fibers 1/12th the thickness of human hair, which quickly lift and disperse the sweat that causes discomfort, allowing for quick drying. The fabric woven from these ultrathin fibers is so smooth that you forget you are wearing it, freeing your bare skin from the discomfort caused by sweat and stickiness. AIRism provides a fresh, comfortable feeling throughout the year.

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