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MCI Capital Launches Pioneering ESG Investment Fund to Propel Malaysia's Sustainable Development

MCI Capital Launches Pioneering ESG Investment Fund to Propel Malaysia's Sustainable Development

MCI Capital, a leading private equity firm licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia, today announced the launch of the MCI Sustainable Growth Fund. 

This groundbreaking fund is designed to support the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into Malaysian businesses, advancing the nation's commitment to sustainable economic development.

The MCI Sustainable Growth Fund aims to leverage the global shift towards sustainability, providing investors with opportunities to engage in a diversified portfolio that includes Equity Market, Fixed Income, and IPO/Pre-IPO placements. With a robust focus on ESG principles, the fund is positioned to deliver substantial economic returns while promoting responsible business practices across the country.

Cannis Chan, Chairman of MCI Capital, highlighted the national importance of the initiative, stating, "The introduction of the MCI Sustainable Growth Fund marks a transformative milestone in Malaysia's investment landscape. This fund is a testament to our commitment to fostering economic resilience and environmental stewardship through strategic investments."

The fund represents a strategic alignment with global investment trends that prioritize long-term sustainability alongside traditional financial metrics. It aims to play a critical role in supporting Malaysia's sustainability objectives and enhancing the country's profile as a prime destination for ESG-focused investments.

As the fund progresses, it will focus on creating positive impacts for both the community and the environment, thereby contributing to the enrichment of Malaysia's economic landscape.

About MCI Capital

MCI Capital Sdn Bhd is a forefront Private Equity Firm in Malaysia, recognized for its strategic investment solutions and adherence to high standards of integrity and compliance.