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DG1 Malaysia, The New Standard To Go Online

DG1 Malaysia, The New Standard To Go Online

4 months have passed since their official launch inMalaysia, Canadian/Swiss-based eCommerce service provider DG1has set out to continue their mission to transform the Malaysian eCommerce industry. With 11 megastars and influencers from South East Asia, DG1 is showcasing a new standard to be online for any types of businesses in which their business potential can belevelled up to unlimited growth, local and global.

Stars in attendance includes Diana Danielle, Nadia Brian, Ramona Zamzam, Tim Connor, Afifa Anuar, Thanuja Ananthan, Dada Herzog Al-Attas, Iman Mohamed Osman, RajaIzzuddin, Leen Zakaria, and Maggie Wilson.

During the event, the company's Group CEO and founder, Gregor Zebic, stated that"Influencers would be able to monetise their entire name and branding to the maximum,simply by utilising our all-in-one web platform,”

“The influencer or brand is running its own web system with advanced e-commerce, bigdata, and communication systems. Monetization data from the campaigns is centralisedin the hands of the brand or influencer. By levelling up with DG1, SMEs are able to expand their businesses and completely triple their earnings,

During this period of rapid economic development, Zebic believes that business owners in Malaysia and around the world are in need of their own advanced systems in order to thrive. Partnerships with influencers and prominent communities in Malaysia enable DG1 to deliver new tools to empower new business models. He hopes these partnerships will result in nationwide reach and higher exposure of DG1 and supporting partners.

“As we significantly recruit and grow our staff here in Malaysia, we are prepared to serve,support, and advocate to fellow Malaysians on the significance of data ownership to everyone who uses their platform” he says

About DG1 Malaysia SDN BHD
DG1 Malaysia SDN BHD is a subsidiary of DG1 Group, having officially launched in Kuala Lumpurin September 2022. Theoffice is set to be the sales and supporting arm to further provision DG1’smission to put SMEs in ASEAN to be in the digital global map.

For more information, visit DG1’s website www.DG1.com , Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram page

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