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PRISM+ Shoots for the Moon with the introduction of the Luna Smart Air Conditioner System and Aura Smart Air Purifier

PRISM+ Shoots for the Moon with the introduction of the Luna Smart Air Conditioner System and Aura Smart Air Purifier

       The brand is looking to reach out to savvy homeowners looking to set up a smart home network without breaking the bank with prices starting from just RM799

       First-ever Malaysia-exclusive product with introduction of PRISM+ Luna

       PRISM+ offering longest extended-warranty in the market for aircons, with full coverage for 7 years alongside innovative approach to servicing

PRISM+, the brand best known for its premium value gaming monitors and best-selling 4K Google TVs, has today announced its expansion into smart home appliances in Malaysia as it looks to introduce two new product categories. Headlining its latest launch, is the all-new PRISM+ Luna – a premium value smart air conditioner system that promises homeowners all the thrills and chills of a modern connected device without breaking the bank. The PRISM+ Luna will be available for pre-order starting from a promotional early bird price of just RM799 for the 1HP (Horsepower) option, and RM1,099 for the 1.5HP option.

The PRISM+ Luna air conditioner system will come equipped with high-grade materials such as the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, and the brand’s very own Gold Fin Technology – a four layer anti-corrosive coating that is designed to protect both the indoor unit and compressor against unforgiving elements like heat, water, and acid.

In addition, PRISM+ is offering a standard warranty of 2 years for its indoor unit, and 5 years for its outdoor unit. The brand will also be looking to roll out in-house servicing, which comes integrated with its smart home app, in phases – and homeowners in Klang Valley will be the first to have the option to subscribe to the brand’s annual servicing package. Those who subscribe to the brand’s annual servicing package are automatically enrolled into the brand’s extended warranty package, which offers homeowners 7 years of full warranty coverage.

PRISM+ will also look to launch the PRISM+ Aura Smart Air Purifier, equipped with the latest HEPA H13 medical-grade filtration technology in both Alpine White and Space Grey. Compact, sleek, and energy efficient – the PRISM+ Aura is perfectly designed to intelligently eliminate harmful airborne particles within living areas such as bedrooms and study rooms. The PRISM+ Aura will launch on 1 May 2024, and will retail at the price of RM379 for the Alpine White model and RM399 for the Space Grey model.

To complement its entry into the smart home appliance industry, the brand will also be launching its proprietary smartphone app, The PRISM+ Connect, in Malaysia. Designed to support its entry into home automation, the app offers connectivity to PRISM+’s network of smart home appliances – allowing homeowners remote access and insights to their devices.

Eric Kam, Country Director of PRISM+ Malaysia, said, “We are excited to have the opportunity to finally introduce our range of smart home appliances to our Malaysian audience. Analysts have long predicted for smart home adoption rates to grow in this country, but the premium price tags attached to appliances in the smart category remains a huge barrier-to-entry for many homeowners.”

Eric continues, “With the introduction of the PRISM+ Luna and Aura, we hope to bring the full functionality and convenience of premium smart home appliances at a fraction of the cost – while keeping in spirit the same standard of service and quality that we have come to be known for with our display screens.”

PRISM+ Connect Smartphone App: The Gateway to Affordable Connectivity

Home appliances of today are built around a similar theme – to offer convenience through innovation. The market-leading PRISM+ Connect app was designed with this in mind, and offers a host of convenience and accessibility features to make the PRISM+ Luna and Aura the smartest affordable home appliances in the market.

Aside from remote access, the PRISM+ Connect will also empower homeowners with the following features:

Routines (Luna):  Set up routines based either on time or ambient room temperature rises to keep your home cool and comfortable without a second thought.

Sensor Assisted Cooling (Luna): Run and let your smart aircon decide the temperature based on remote built in sensor to sense room temperature

Insights (Luna): Learn Insights into your PRISM+ Luna Smart Aircon usage, and help your household recognise usage patterns to optimize for energy efficiency via routines

Geofencing (Luna): Set distance parameters for their air conditioner systems to turn on and off based on your proximity to ensure that you never have to worry about returning to a home that’s too warm or worry about energy usage having forgotten to turn off your devices.

Servicing (Luna): Never fear about aircon breakdowns ever again. Schedule your servicing via the app’s integrated maintenance feature via the touch of a button and receive prompt reminders on your device’s next servicing. Only available in Klang Valley during phase one.

Users also need not worry about the health of their devices, with the app’s Maintenance features, that will prompt users to book their quarterly maintenance, and allow for users to schedule their next servicing appointment through the brand’s in-house aircon services

Clone Setting (Available for Luna and Aura): Homeowners only need to pair the appliances to one smartphone device and share the setting with other residents of the home – ensuring a one-time set-up for every PRISM+ smart home appliance.

Routines (Aura): Users can set up routines for when to activate their air purifier – based either on timing or when the air quality of the room drops beyond an acceptable level to ensure freshness on autopilot.

Insights (Aura): Study the Insights of your PRISM+ Aura Smart Air Purifier that work in tandem with the device’s infrared sensors to detect air quality at home

The brand plans to launch more smart home appliances later this year, and promises that the PRISM+ Connect App will play a key part in its plans to develop an ecosystem of complimentary smart home products. Eric says, “The PRISM+ Connect app represents a manifestation of our ambitions to build a holistic experience for our fans. We will continue building on the app’s features, adding compatibility with future PRISM+ products as we build out the PRISM+ ecosystem.”

As further proof of its efforts to build consumer trust, PRISM+ supports the most comprehensive warranty for air conditioners in the market. Upon purchase, users are all entitled to two-year coverage of their air conditioner units – following which they can choose to opt-in for quarterly servicing of their air conditioners with PRISM+ through a pay-per-use or subscription system. Quarterly servicing of their units will immediately entitle users to an extended 7 year warranty on both their indoor units and outdoor compressors. Servicing prices have been kept competitive with market prices and include added services such as gas top ups and bi-annual filter swaps completely free.

Experience the future of air conditioning with the PRISM+ Luna Smart Air Conditioner, now available for purchase. For more information, visit www.prismplus.my

Pricing, Launch Promotions and Availability

PRISM+ Luna Smart Air Conditioner System: The PRISM+ Luna will be available for pre-order from 1 May 2024 on the PRISM+ website, and on 15 May 2024 via Shopee, Lazada, offline retail stores. Customers who purchase during this period will enjoy a limited-time retail price of RM799 (U.P RM999) for the 1HP model and RM1,099 (U.P RM1,299) for the 1.5HP model.

PRISM+ Aura Smart Air Purifier: The PRISM+ Aura will be available for sale on the PRISM+ website, offline retail, Lazada, Shopee from 1 May 2024. The Aura will retail at RM379 (U.P RM429) and RM399 (U.P RM449) for the Alpine White and Space Grey Models respectively  at launch.

PRISM+ Luna Smart Air Conditioner: https://prismplus.my/products/prism-luna
PRISM+ Aura Smart Air Purifier: https://prismplus.my/products/aura-smart-air-purifier 
PRISM+ website: https://prismplus.my/

PRISM+ Lazada- (15 May)
Aura Smart Air Purifier: https://www.lazada.com.my/products/i4071629816.html
Luna Smart Air Conditioner: https://www.lazada.com.my/products/i4085343633.html

PRISM+ Shopee- (15 May)
Aura Smart Air Purifier: https://shopee.com.my/product/524628742/24174915669/
Luna Smart Air Conditioner: https://shopee.com.my/product/524628742/24628063796/