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Gen Z Diaries – Work Awe-Day, Play Awe-Night

Gen Z Diaries – Work Awe-Day, Play Awe-Night

9.00pm Night out with friends

Ashley snaps away with her Galaxy A54 5G’s camera as her friends pose by the neon lights. The new Nightography feature on the Galaxy A54 5G makes every shot pop with vivid colours and incredible details, even in the dark. They laugh and jostle as Ashley starts recording them, but the upgraded 1.6x wider OIS and higher VDIS up to 833Hz ensures that the video is steady and crisp despite the movements. They will love reliving these memories thanks to the Galaxy A54 5G camera that captures awesome low-light photos and videos awe-night!

12.00am Back home

Back home, Ashley scrolls through her photos and videos of the night. She perfects every shot with edits using Photo Remaster on her Galaxy A54 5G. The camera’s intuitive AI-powered capabilities reduces blur and noise, while increasing the resolution of every photo. Ashley easily removes unwanted shadows, reflections, and photobombers from each image with Object Remover. This feature is a total lifesaver and she doesn’t have to spend as much time waiting for the perfect shot anymore. After editing awe-night, Ashley hits the sack. Tomorrow will be another awesome day with her Galaxy A54 5G!

Ashley jumps into his car. Her Galaxy A54 5G turns on Driving mode in Modes & Routines, automatically playing music. As she hits traffic, her phone reads a text aloud, so that she can keep her eyes safely on the road, and not on her phone. Ashley arrives at work and her phone automatically goes into Work mode, turning the volume to silent. When she goes home later, it will switch to Home mode, turning the volume up.

Ashley also has Sleep mode which turns on Dark mode and Power Saving to save on battery life; Exercise mode, to minimise distractions when Samsung Health app is open so she can focus on her workout; and Relax mode, which activates ‘Do not disturb’, so that she can read or watch movies in peace. Ever since switching to the Galaxy A54 5G, Ashley hasn’t had to bother with these little details, as Modes & Routines automates her phone settings awe-day!

11.00am Meeting a client

Ashley meets with her client, Ariff, a lifestyle influencer. She shows him the creative mobile videos she developed entirely on her Galaxy A54 5G. “Good stuff! Can you Quick Share that?” asks Ariff. Ashley selects the files and taps Quick Share. Everything transfers to Ariff’s phone in an instant!

Ashley shares everything through Quick Share now, whether to nearby Galaxy devices, or any device at all, including non-Galaxy ones via links or QR codes. Quick Share makes work awesome by sending photos, videos, music, and files super conveniently awe-day.

2.00pm Working hard for the money

Ashley looks at her Galaxy A54 5G screen mirrored on her PC with Link to Windows. With this awesome Galaxy Experience, she can read her notifications, send and receive text messages, make calls, and access photos directly on her PC, without even looking her phone.

Link to Windows helps Ashley focus better while working on her PC. The feature gives her a powerful and seamless multi-device experience to maximise productivity awe-day.

4.00pm Grabbing a snack

Hungry for a snack, Ashley heads to the food truck downstairs and buys kuih. Tap tap, she pays with Samsung Wallet awe-day on her Galaxy A54 5G. Ashley has been using only Samsung Wallet to pay for all her purchases in order to earn points to use on the Samsung e-Store. With every level up of her account, Ashley gets to enjoy awesome discounts when she buys Samsung products!

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